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Each and every one of us has a responsibility to the world around us. But if we make the right choices it is still possible to make money, work smarter and protect the planet. Choose Cartridge World Business Direct and your business can become:


  • Every year, around 2 billion printer cartridges weighing up to 450,000 tonnes are disposed of globally *
  • Each one can take up to 1,000 years to decompose**
  • Of these, most can be reused, yet only 29% are being refilled by companies like Cartridge World
  • Laser printer cartridges account for over 90% of all throw-away cartridges
  • Every business that joins us helps us to reduce this tragic and unnecessary waste of natural resources and landfill space
  • Every cartridge refilled is one less cartridge going to landfill - and that's a choice you can feel proud of.


  • And it’s not just the waste we can save – together we can cut CO2 too
  • A three month study of one of our UK stores concluded that remanufacturing just one cartridge saves around 2.5kg of CO2 compared to producing a new one***
  • Look at our stores worldwide and that’s a saving of 1,000's of tonnes of CO2
  • UK savings alone were equivalent to energy used during 900 flights from London to New York
  • Or the entire energy supplied to 200 UK homes in a year
  • Every business that joins us helps to cut this carbon footprint even further

*UK Cartridge Remanufacture Association 2006
International Imaging Technology Council,, October 2008
***Carbon footprints of cartridge production, March 2008.