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Over 1650 stores world-wide carries out hundreds of in-depth tests each year on a wide range of consumer electronics and IT equipment in order to help consumers make sense of the competing performance claims made by manufacturers. ‘The Inkjet Investigation’ was conducted by Simon Williams, Trusted Reviews’ resident printer expert, in 2007-8.

“You can save money and still have light-fast prints, as long as you know where to buy. Of the third party inks, Cartridge World did considerably better than any of the other brands.”
Simon Williams,

The single biggest complaint most businesses have against their printers and all-in-ones is the cost of consumables. While hardware prices continue to drop, the costs of ink and paper continue to rise and, each year, often amount to a disproportionate amount of the running costs of a machine.

Third-party cartridges – like Cartridge World – cost a fraction of the price of printer manufacturer's own products, and do exactly the same job.
Authoritative technology review website launched a detailed, long-term investigation using Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark printers to check manufacturers’ claims that third party supplies result in substandard prints.

A judging panel made up of typical print users was then asked to rank and score 230 different print results using different combinations of printer, cartridges and paper. Their results are great news for your business. Just take a look at the highlights opposite, or see for yourself at

See how we performed:

1. Quality

Cartridge World cartridges outperformed the printer manufacturers’ cartridges in the Canon, Epson and HP printers.

Across the full range of papers, on average Cartridge World cartridges performed top in three out of the four categories.

2. Longevity

After three months, photographs using Cartridge World cartridges in Canon and HP printers resisted fade as well as the manufacturer’s original.

After 12 months unprotected and exposed to ozone, Cartridge World cartridges in the HP printer resisted fade better than the manufacturer’s original.

3. Reliability

Cartridge World’s replacement cartridges all worked perfectly first time, unlike several of the other cartridges tested. That’s why we’re so confident in our cartridges we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.