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Our Customers Tell it Like it is

We take an immense pride in providing the best possible good value, high quality service. To prove that we're getting it right, here are just a few unsolicited comments from our thousands of satisfied customers.

I've been very pleased with Cartridge World's service. Everything's always turned around in good time and they are always happy to help. Kate Tyrell, Grafton Banks
I can't fault Cartridge World's service at all. I had reservations about using them initially but decided to give one cartridge a try and haven't been anywhere else since. Jackie Verral, English Language Home stays
They are one of the best suppliers we have used, always same day or next day delivery and have bought printers much cheaper than from retail stores. Chris Clarke, Go Work and Travel
We think the cartridges and service are absolutely brilliant - if I order in the morning I receive them that afternoon and can't fault that. We favour using them because they champion the same policies of recycling and sustainability. Cookie Arnone, Learning Disabilities Department
We are glad we found Cartridge World and wish we had found them sooner. Previously we were having to send our cartridges off to the supplier and fork out extra for the same thing. Andy Hovey, Rand&Co