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Welcome to Recycle It, the new printer cartridge recycling initiative from Cartridge World. It’s the easy, effortless way for your school to earn valuable extra income, help improve environmental awareness amongst your pupils, and for their families to save money at home.

Encourage your pupils and their families to recycle their printer cartridges with Recycle It and we’ll give you money for every one they have refilled in your local Cartridge World store or for ones that they drop off at special collections bins in your school. It’s a great way to teach your pupils about the importance of helping the environment, reducing waste and preserving the world’s resources.

With Recycle It, your school will earn lots of extra money for important things like new school equipment, better facilities and exciting outings.

In addition to all of this you could release even more of your precious funds by refilling your own printer cartridges with us rather than buying expensive replacements. Both your school and your pupils’ parents will save on printing costs!